Xpressions is an annual event to incorporate the finer aspects of team building, co-ordination, Time management, effectiveness and efficiency. It aims to stimulate minds in pursuit of knowledge by exposing them to recent advancements in technological and managerial world. The two-day event is filled with fun and frolic in almost all the fields of professional world.We 'The IIPS Family' make it an occasion in which every nook and corner of the Management and Technical field are covered. It is an effort to fuse the practical aspects with a lot of knowledge generation. We can say that this Xpressions is the best way to expose the young minds to the world of business and technology so that they get prepared in the best way possible.

Various aspects of practical skills are being emphasized like decision making, presentation, creative, technical, people oriented, organizational, team-oriented skills etc. It's an arena where every element of this world are required to be showcased which will ensure that participants, organizers and the whole IIPS will be in a win-win situation. The event contain games from different fields.


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Synergy is the annual sports event conducted at 'IIPS' since last few years. It provides the students with a podium to showcase their team spirit hone their leadership qualities and inculcates sportsman spirit in them. It not only helps to crack the ice between the students of different courses but also helps the new students to overcome their inhibition and gel along with the rest of the college. 'Synergy' provides an opportunity to break the monotonous academic schedule and test other life skills.The three day event shall include cricket, football, badminton, volleyball, basketball, athletics, table tennis; at the end of which everyone emerges a winner, some with medals some without. As a tradition synergy is organized by the students of third year with the support from the rest of the college in event management which shall further come to their avail in organizing the other major events in IIPS, viz, 'X!pressions'(organized mainly by the students of fourth year) and 'Samvardhan'(organized by the students of fifth year).The tears shed, the sweat dropped,the giggles,the occasional frowns, all make the event memorable and instills in the participants a new zeal to excel and reach the zenith.

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"Reboot" is a foundation being laid by M.Tech family with the aim of providing a stage of opportunities for the students to explore themselves, interact with each other and work in a healthy environment. "Reboot" basically aims at creating awareness about the importance of inter-personal skills ,technical skills and creativity.

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TOURISTA is a privileged event of IIPS Tourism batch which provides a platform for various academic and cultural activities. This event has been an identity of the Tourism batch for the past five years. Our alumni, working in leading travelling companies like: Thomas Cook, Make My Trip, Cox & Kings etc actively participate in TOURISTA. In this youth oriented event, students from various departments of DAVV campus participate.

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IIPS has been known for its colorful and creative fest for a long time in Indore. The event is focused on getting the maximum creative output from the students skills related to communications and creativity. The event is organized by students of MBA(Advertising and Public Relations).

It comprises of various events focusing on flares of advertising and Public Relations with utmost creativity, intelligence, and application based concepts.


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