MBA(APR-2 years)

The course was established in the year 1994 keeping in mind the than Advertising industry requirement of trained personnel. The aim was a completely job-oriented option for he student in specialized fields. It was a unique course, no other educational institute was conducting such program in Advertising and communication field in India at that time. The course curriculum was designed with inputs from industry experts from national and local levels. Workshops, seminars, and guest lectures by the eminent personalities from advertising and corporate world support the classroom teaching.Keeping in view the increasing manpower requirements of the advertising industry, D.A. University started 2 Yrs Master's Programme in Advertising and Public Relations Management in 1994. The Programme is only one of its kind providing a Master's degree in this field. We aspire to prepare a cadre of outstanding 'communication' professionals with broad based knowledge and critical interpersonal skills necessary to meet the challenges of the corporate society.

How it is beneficial for a student who is going to opt for the course?

The course is unique blend of academic and practical know-how. It is designed to accelerate learning amongst students and provide valuable experiences for the challenges of managing strategic changes in today?s dynamic environment. The student is transformed into real professional. The main motto is to inculcate entrepreneurship in diversified areas like Advertising, Public Relations, Media, Direct Marketing, Event Management etc. with creativity, imagination and perseverance.

Programme Specific Outcomes:

  • Develop cadre of outstanding ‘Communications’ professionals with broad-based knowledge and critical interpersonal skills to meet the challenges of the corporate society.
  • Inculcate understanding of fundamental concepts and theory of business practice through foundation courses.
  • Develop an integrated view of managerial problems and perspectives in communication industry through advanced knowledge of core issues.
  • Subjects imparting advanced knowledge create a clear career interest, they intend to enable the students to develop specific skills and perspectives in their chosen career paths.
  • Develop leadership capabilities to act as change agents and be a source of motivation in the organization they work.
  • Preparing students at strategizing.
  • Apply knowledge of leadership and management theories and practice to solve business problems.
  • Foster analytical and critical thinking abilities.
  • Impart values and transformational learnings to evolve as global citizens and responsive human beings.
  • Create awareness and ability to balance personal and life goals.

Course Outcomes

MBA(APR-2 years) Scheme

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MBA(APR-2 years) Syllabus

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