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Sampoorna Clubs

“Sampoorna” (संपूर्ण) : originates from the Sanskrit word for complete, abundant, or bountiful. It is a platform where a range of extracurricular and curricular activities are organized by students and supervised by academic professionals to enhance student's overall development.

It was established by the International Institute of Professional Studies (IIPS), DAVV, core committee and will serve as a focal point for the different groups at the campus to provide students with insightful information.
Its an approach that ensures participation from all programs and students, a development that will promote the institution and its student's growth.

It allows students to demonstrate their abilities in various domains through cooperation and teamwork and encourages them to seek innovation and originality.

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Club Details

S.No clubs Mentors Club logo
1. Advertising & PR Club Dr. Anshu Bhati
Dr. Pooja Jain
2. AI and Robotics Club Dr. Kirti Mathur
Dr. Shaligram Prajapati
Mr. Jugendra Dongre
3. Business Analytics Club Dr. Geeta Nema
Dr. Manminder Singh
Dr. Muskan Karamchandani
Dr. Nirmala Sawan
4. Coding Club Dr. Rahul Singhai
Dr. Basant Namdeo
5. Commerce Club Dr. Suresh Patidar
Dr. Navneet K. Bhatia
6. Computing Club Dr. Nitin Nagar
Dr. Ramesh Thakur
7. Entrepreneurship Cell Dr. Surendra Malviya
Dr. Pooja Jain
Dr. Vivek Shrivastav
8. Environment Club Dr. Sujata Parwani
Mr. Yogendra Singh Bawal
9. Festival Club Dr. Jyoti Sharma
Dr. Yamini Karmarkar
Dr. Navneet K. Bhatia
10. Finance Club Dr. Geeta Sharma
Dr. Manish Sitlani
11. Fine Arts Club Dr. Jyoti Sharma
Dr. Shilpa Bagdare
12. HR Club Dr. Jyoti Sharma
Dr. Ravindra Yadav
13. Literary Cell Dr. Yasmin Shaikh
Dr. Shilpa Bagdare
14. Marketing Club Dr. Pooja Jain
Dr. Prerna Kumar
15. Meditation And Self Development Club Dr. Yamini Karmarkar
16. Performing Arts & Theatre Club Dr. Sujata Parwani
Dr. Poonam Mangwani
17. Photography Club Dr. Anshu Bhati
Dr. Monalisa Khatre
18. Setu -Social Connect Club Dr. Kapil Jain
Ms. Shraddha Soni
Ms. Kirti Vijayvargiya
19. Sports Club Dr. Manminder Singh
Dr. Naresh Dembla
Dr. Nitin Nagar
Dr. Pradeep Jatav
Dr. Ravi Bunkar
20. Student Research Cell Dr. Yamini Karmarkar
Dr. Manminder Singh
21. Tourism Club Dr. Ravindra Yadav
Dr. Gaurav Purohit
Dr. Jyoti Jain
22. Yoga and Fitness Ms. Manju Suchdeo
Dr. Surendra Malviya

To know more about the clubs and the events organised by the clubs select club name to get data.


Finance club marketing club HR club Enterpreneurship Cell Commerce club Advertising & PR Club Tourism Club Computing Club Coading Club
AI & Robotics club Business Analytical club student_research Cell Litrary Club Fine arts club Performing Arts & Theartre Club Photography club Environment Club Social Connect Club Festival Club

Core-committe of sampoorna Club
Faculty Mentors:
    Dr. Yamini Karmarkar | Mr. Yogendra Singh Bawal | Dr. Basant Namdeo | Mr. Sanjay Narsinghani | Mr. Almas Nabi

student support team
    Himanshu Seroke | Aditi Singh Bhilware | Ishana Dashoriya | Sourav Bhatia

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