The International Institute of Professional Studies, a department of Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya established in the year 1992 is an academic mentor of its kind and an eminently practical graduate and postgraduate institute, recognized by AICTE. With the quality in the content, scope and professionalism of its cross- disciplinary programs, IIPS has emerged as one of the best centers of technical education in central India in just ten years. It has been placed in the 'A' category and ranked 24th overall in the Business Standard Survey of best B Schools of India.

The institute provides ample opportunities to students with a rigorous, intellectually challenging curriculum with flexibility to allow students to tailor their education to meet their professional and personal interests and goals. It provides a collaborative learning environment that weaves technology and management into everyday life. This martinet institute offers integrated post-graduate courses in the fields of computer and management which students join directly after schooling. Addition to that institute serves specialized courses in advertisement,tourism and public relations management as well. Students of this institute are placed in the best companies of the world.


A.K. Sapre - Director IIPS Feel Free to contact me
Dr. Anand K. Sapre
"Welcome to International Institute of Professional Studies- a Premier B-School in Central India which has been providing exceptional opportunities to the students since past 21 years. They have left an indelible mark that will guide subsequent developments, not only at the institution, but hopefully also in management education in our country. The new age consumer, industry and trade have always guided the plan and programmes of the institute. Our belief is that, holistic management education has to provide young graduates the necessary sensitivity skills which would help them to relate to their social environment. The institutes like ours have much larger role than just providing management education, to aspiring potential managers. The purpose of our institute is to induce change and manage socio-economic development in our country."

Our innovative academic programmes incorporate a tradition of academic excellence and experimental learning with an emphasis on team-work. The institutes environment instills the skills needed to succeed in a competitive global environment. We imbibe capabilities of working in diversified fields with creativity, imagination and perseverance in our students. We actively explore and develop new methodologies such as alternative teaching techniques and learning approaches that promote thinking skills and lifelong learning habits. My belief is that organizations today new socially sensitive managers. We also believe that trough a whole lot of exercises and cases that these students go through at the institute, they develop a set of values that will help them to manage this environmental change and business organization in an ethical manner. I hope you will find the qualities of ethical leadership and management in our students. You have always supported IIPS in a very big way. Without your support it would not have been possible for us to achieve the current growth. I am confident that the institute will continue to get your support in all its activities. We look forward to receiving each one of you during this year's placement season. I look forward to welcome you here.

Objective & Vision

  • To develop best scholars in the field of science,technology and management
  • To provide a pool of knowledge for the development of students
  • To equip students with high level of conceptual, analytical and descriptive abilities.
  • To strengthen the decision making skills of the students
  • To enable students to comprehend the complex environment and handle their assignments efficiently
  • To initiate team spirit, group learning and cross cultural heritage.
  • To provide social and moral values to students and become pride in national heritage.


  • To become an Institute that is globally recognized and respected as a frontier leader in management, computer science, and commerce.
  • Creating an environment that encourages students having diverse backgrounds to achieve excellence in the field of their choice, through holistic, functional and relevant education.
  • An educational process that promotes uncompromising human values, a sensitive social conscience, critical inquiry, creativity, and originality, emphasizing interdisciplinary approach and foundation for Intellectual freedom, Integrity, and spirit of collaboration.
  • Being socially responsive and extend the frontiers of knowledge in management, Computer Science and Commerce through cutting-edge research.


Our mission in the design and conduct of academic programmes is

  • To develop innovative and ethical future leaders capable of managing change and transformation in a globally competitive environment and to apply the theory and practice of management, computer science, and commerce.
  • To transform India, through generating and propagating new ideas of global significance based on research.
  • Creation of risk-taking leaders-managers who change managerial and administrative practices to enhance the performance of organizations.

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International Institute of Professional Studies, a department of Devi Ahilya University was set up in 1992. With the quality in the content, scope and professionalism of its programs, IIPS has emerged as one of the best centers of technical education in central India and is recognized by AICTE. It has been placed in the 'B+' category and ranked 24th overall in the Business Standard Survey of best B-Schools of India.


International Institute of Professional Studies , a department of Devi Ahilya University is situated at takshashila campus khandwa road indore.

Enrolling at IIPS means joining a community rich in diversity and opportunity. The IIPS campus encourages students to share their talents, develop new ones and benefit from the varied social and intellectual backgrounds of their classmates and teachers.


* List of range of sports, cultural and extracurricul0ar activities available to student
* Annual management-tech fest "Xpressions" which is been done since 1993 and in a huge event in itself
* Annual event "Tourista" - annual tourism event on World Tourism Day 88
* Annual sports event "Synergy" every year in the first half of the calendar year
* Annual event "reboot" - annual Mtech event on world engineers day.

Motto"Crafting Quality Professionals"
DirectorDr. A. K. Sapre
Academic staff55
LocationIndore, Madhya Pradesh, India

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