Devi Ahilya University

DAVV Indore (formerly, university of Indore) was established in 1964 by an Act of legislature of Madhya Pradesh. The University is supported by both the State Government and the University Grants Commission, New Delhi. The University has been cited in the Commonwealth Year Book (Volume 3, pp. 1740-42, 1990). It has been bestowed with the center of Excellence award by the Government of Madhya Pradesh. The University has thirty two level in frontline areas of Computers, Information Technology, Engineering, Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Social Sciences, Education, Management, etc. It has more than one hundred and fifty faculty members, five thousand students on the campus, 113 affiliated colleges and more than one lakh ten thousand students enrolled in all. The teaching programmes conducted at the Teaching University Departments have a multidisciplinary approach.

The faculty is Devi Ahilya well qualified and the infrastructure is constantly upgraded, Computer Science, Electronics, Education, Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Business Management, Business Economics, and International Business are typical of its high profile programmes. The University has earned a place for itself in the country on account of the high quality of its instructional programmes, research, consultancy, extension activities and self-supported programmes. The University has an audio Visual Research Center for making educational television films for UGC CEC Countrywide Classroom Programme and training / educational video material functioning since 1991. The center has produced more than 500 films so far, some of which has won awards. An inter University Consortium for department of Atomic Energy Facilities was established in 1991 in the campus itself. The university has well-equipped department of Physical Education, Sports Center, Play Grounds, and Gymnasium etc. to bring out the sporting talent of the students. The University offers selective hostel facilities for outstation students. It has three girls and four boys hostels catering to the requirement of students studying in UTDs. Every effort is made to provide accommodation to girl students. However the boys students are provided hostel facilities based on availability.

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Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor

Photo Vice Chancellor
Dr. Narendra Kumar Dhakad
( Vice-Chancellor)

Dr. Ashutosh Mishra Professor in Physics and he did his M. Sc. in 1981 and Ph.D. in X-ray spectroscopy in 1987 from Vikram University Ujjain. Dr. Mishra joined School of Physics, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya [DAVV], Indore in 1993. He has published more than one hundred fifty research papers in International/National journals and successfully supervised 24 students for their Ph.D. work and also supervised twenty M. Phil. students He has made many presentations in national and international conferences/symposia. He had already completed four research projects supported by funding agencies like M.P. Council of Science and Technology, Bhopal and University Grants Commission, Delhi. Dr. Mishra’ research work has been cited in Bibliography in X-ray Spectra and Chemical binding Edited by A. Miesel et al. (Springer-Verlag 1989). Dr. A. Mishra served as Vice Chancellor, Devi Ahilya University, Indore from 29th March 2010 to 29th June 2010 and also as Rector, Devi Ahilya University, Indore from 30th June 2010 to 21st May 2011. Organized two international conference in 2012 & 2014 as Convener namely International Conference on Recent Trends in Physics ‘ICRTP 2012’ 4 – 5 February 2012, ICRTP-2014] 22-23 February 2014 School of Physics, Devi Ahilya University, Indore – 452 001, India. He was one of the Guest Editors from the Journal of Physics: Conference Series 365 (2012, 2014) International Conference on Recent Trends in Physics (ICRTP 2012, ICRTP 2014). IOP Publishing 011001 doi:10.1088/1742-6596/365/1/011001.

University Auditorium

The University has a well-equipped air-conditioned auditorium for different academic activities with 1200 seating capacity.This auditorium has been hosting one of the biggest Seminars and Conventions of India. Its equipped with high bandwidth Wi-Fi that can be accessed by anybody inside auditorium. Through this one can have access to internet while attending.

The auditorium has

  • LCD - Multimedia Projector
  • Fully Centralized Air-Conditioning
  • Audio-Video recording facility
  • Sound-Proof environment

IT Center

IT Centre was established in the year 2000 to create a Campus Wide Network by interconnecting various campuses and departments. First phase which was completed in April 2001, networked 18 departments having 524 nodes. Second phase was completed in Oct 2002, which connected ten more departments and installed 331 additional nodes. During third phase we have connected IET and Nalanda Campus to our central server located at IT Centre, Khandwa Road Campus. IET has been connected by laying 2.1 kilometer fibre optic cable where as Nalanda Campus which is six kilometer away from Khandwa Road Campus has been connected using 2 Mbps leased line. During third phase expansion additional 150 nodes have been added to Nalanda Campus, RNT Marg Network and 128 nodes to IET network. After completion of third phase i.e. from Feb, 2004 all the departments of the University are now on Campus LAN having access to the Internet.

Under UGC-INFONET scheme, from Jan 2004, UGC has provided our University free subscription to the various e-Journals along with 512 kbps bandwidth through ERNET.

Internet access is provided to all departments using fibre optic backbone & 1.5 Mbps lease line. The centre is equipped with an array of high-end servers using 10 hours battery backup. Internet access is available to departments round the clock (24 x 7). There are more than 125 computers (thin client) in the IT Centre Lab providing Internet access to students from 9:00 AM to 9:30 PM.